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30 July 2012

Una pennellata di verde

Diventare verdi nella grande siccità

Business Insider:

Quando la siccità di quest'anno a reso marrone il suo amato praticello, Terri LoPrimo ha reagito, ma non innaffiandolo. Lo ha fatto dipingere di verde facendo diventare il suo cortile, diventato improvvisamente lussureggiante, l'invidia dei vicini.....


Going Green in The Big Dry

July 30, 2012

Business Insider:
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — When this summer’s drought turned her prized lawn brown, Terri LoPrimo fought back, but not with sprinklers: She had it painted green, making her suddenly lush-appearing yard the envy of her neighborhood.
The Staten Island, N.Y., resident and her husband, Ronnie, hired a local entrepreneur to spruce up their yard by spraying it with a deep-green organic dye. By Monday, the couple’s property was aglow with newly green blades of grass and no watering needed to sustain it.
“It looks just like a spring lawn, the way it looks after a rain. It’s really gorgeous,” said LoPrimo, a 62-year-old retiree.

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  1. "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”
    Disse Albert Einstein dopo aver visto questo signore...;)